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Multi SV Skin - High quality skin top films

Product protection and presentation at its best with the SÜDPACK skin top films.

Skin films from SÜDPACK are true all-rounder:
They provide optimum protection for products. They are visually appealing. They are convincing thanks to their material efficiency and extended food shelf life. Therefore they score in sustainability as well.

As a one-stop-shop-supplier, we offer our customers a complete portfolio of Skin lidding and bottom films, that are optimaly coordinated with one another and set new standards in terms of flexibility as well as process and packaging reliability.

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Multi S V Skin films from SÜDPACK
Skin films program with high packaging safety, extended shelf life and reduction of food waste.
High packaging safety

Our Multi SV Skin films are characterized by an excellent puncture resistance as well as an optimal sealing behavior. This enables our customers to achieve an optimal product protection even with thinner films as well as maximum packaging security.

Customers also benefit from a broad variety of film solutions that harmonize well with each other and are equipped with high barrier properties against oxygen and water vapor.

  • Outstanding puncture resistance and optimum sealing behavior
  • Ideal packaging alternative for a wide range of applications
  • High barrier against oxygen and water vapor


Skin packaging for fish
Extended shelf life

Vacuum Skin packaging is the method of choice for fresh meat in particular, as the removal of oxygen from the packaging results in an extended shelf life.
Compared to other packaging concepts, high product quality is thus preserved for longer.

The use of innovative Skin packaging solutions extends the minimum shelf life to 12 to 14 days and reduces food waste by approximately 40 percent.
Based on the fact that approximately 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions are related with food, avoiding food waste would make it possible to reduce the ecological footprint by up to eight percent.*

*Source: Research project "STOP waste – SAVE food" (2020)

  • Reduction of food waste
  • Positive effects on eco-balance
  • Improved product quality through vacuum
Skin-packaging for steak
Optimal presentation at the PoS

The goods are attractively presented and the package signals that only as much packaging material as necessary has been used.
The quality, freshness, color and texture of the packaged food are preserved and encourage acceptance among consumers.

Like a second skin, the transparent, extremely thin top web closely hugs the product without any tension and without changing its shape.

  • Clear view of the product
  • Attractive presentation at the Point of Sale
  • Conscious perception of freshness and quality


Skin packaging for meat


Our Multi SV Skin films are suitable for a wide range of meat and sausage products and also for fish and seafood, cheese, pâtés and ready meals.
For sensitive products, foods that tend to discharge liquid or products with sharp or hard parts, such as bones or shells, vacuum Skin packaging can be used for particularly secure and attractive packaging.

Outstanding sealing properties

Our Skin films adapt perfectly to any product contours, fix the package contents in place and with their excellent sealing properties prevent product liquids from escaping.
The top webs also handle high product protrusion and extreme undercuts without any difficulty, making it possible to use trays that are not as deep which can in turn lead to additional savings in packaging material.

Flexible packaging design

For presentation that is both effective and more sustainable on supermarket shelves, the Multi SV Skin top films can also be printed. Thus, additional label material can be saved.
It is able to serve as an important information medium and offers a broad range of options for branding – such as applying logos or lettering.

Ideal for e-commerce

Thanks to the maximum product protection, the packaging concept is ideal for order shipments.
Here too, the reduced use of material and the low weight of the packaging have a positive impact on the entire process chain.

High efficiency

SÜDPACK Skin films score with the best possible process reliability on your machines as well as high output.
They are optimally processable on all conventional thermoforming and tray Skin machines and ensure high packaging reliability.

Holistic packaging concept

With our holistic packaging concept we offer our customers top and bottom webs that are perfectly coordinated with one another – as well as an attractive packaging experience that appeals to consumers at the point of sale.

Packaging concepts by a single supplier

As a one-stop-shop supplier, we offer our customers maximum flexibility and packaging reliability thanks to a complete portfolio of bottom webs specifically designed to meet the requirements of Multi SV Skin top webs.

Packaging technology


Air is evacuated from the chamber.
The film is pulled into the dome and heated in the dome. This makes it stretched.


Due to its high flexibility the top film forms the product soft and wrinkle-free by targeted air supply.


The film seals completely against the bottom web and fully encloses the product.

Flexibility at the Point of Sale

Skin packagings ensure maximum flexibility in terms of product presentation:

Horizontal presentation of Skin films
Skin packagings ensure maximum flexibility in terms of product presentation.


Hanging presentation of Skin films
Skin packagings ensure maximum flexibility in terms of product presentation.


Vertical presentation of Skin films
Skin packagings ensure maximum flexibility in terms of product presentation:


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