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Recyclable packaging with Pure-Line

In order to comply with the requirement from the EU Commission regarding optimized recyclability, many customers rely on the recyclable packaging concepts by SÜDPACK. Due to their structure as a mono-material solution, the PP- or PE-based Pure-Line films offer you the possibility of declaring a high recyclability. You can certify this by external institutes if required.

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Rethinking the tried-and-tested – the Pure-Line family

If you pack with Pure-Line you will only get exclusively pure mono-material combinations composed of high-quality polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE). As a result, our solutions belong to the absolute premium products for sustainable packaging. At its core, the Pure-Line family includes Multipeel with its excellent resealing properties, the Ecopol with outstanding peel performance, the versatile Multifol flexible film, our safely sealing Safe Peel as well as materials for the production of flow packs and doypacks as efficient pouch solutions.

Flow Pack PurePP and PurePE

Recyclable flow pack films

Flow Pack PurePP und PurePE stand out due to their high degree of material efficiency and optimal recyclability. Depending on the product requirements, the Pure-Line flat films can be individually equipped with barrier properties and provide premium features for protection and convenience. Despite their reduced material thickness, Flow Pack PurePP and PE provide a high level of stability that is comparable to conventional film structures.

You are able to custom design our flow pack solutions, for example with printing or laser perforation.

Two Flow Pack packaging (PurePP and PurePE)
Doypack PurePP und PurePE

Recyclable films for pouches

Doypack PurePP and PurePE films stand out due to their high degree of material efficiency and optimal recyclability. Depending on the product requirements, you receive the Pure-Line films individually equipped with barrier properties that provide premium features for protection. Our pouch films are available in different sizes and formats and can be custom designed and printed.

Moreover, resealing systems such as zippers or spouts that can be easily integrated into the packaging process prevent the loss of oxygen, moisture and aroma while also providing a high level of convenience. With their reduced material thickness and shape, the doypacks are ideal as packaging for a wide variety of applications.

Two Doypack packaging (PurePP and PurePE)
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SPQ — optimal print quality with a reduced carbon footprint

Our focus at SÜDPACK is not only on the manufacturing of sustainable packaging solutions, but also on the development of sustainable printing technology. With our innovative SPQ printing technology, you can reach another milestone in reducing the carbon footprint of your packaging solution.

  • High efficiency
  • Top print quality
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Further information

When is packaging recyclable? How can I label my packaging as recyclable? Is PP or PE better for recycling? The following information addresses these questions and similar issues.


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about recyclable packaging? In our FAQ you will find a compilation of the most important questions and answers on the subject of recyclability.

What is flow pack packaging?

What is flow pack packaging?

Flow packs, also called tubular bags, are flat bags made of films produced on horizontal or vertical flow pack machines. On packaging machines, the film is formed into a bag that is first sealed lengthwise and then crosswise at the bottom. The bag can then be filled from the unsealed side. After the pack has been filled, the uppermost weld is sealed. Flow packs are distinguished most particularly by their high efficiency in the production process and by the reduced amount of material needed compared to conventional thermoformed MAP packaging solutions. They therefore contribute to a positive ecological balance. Consumers respond positively to the material-efficient and lightweight bags, which is why many manufacturers are using this packaging concept more extensively as an alternative.

Are all of the Pure-Line products recyclable, or up to which level are these products recyclable?

Are all of the Pure-Line products recyclable, or up to which level are these products recyclable?

The products in the Pure-Line family are developed according to the “design for recycling” approach. Thus, the question regarding the recyclability of the packaging produced with them cannot be answered in general terms. This is because the current legislative framework considers the unfilled packaging as a whole as the basis for calculating the recyclability of packaging, and this includes all of the corresponding packaging components, such as labels, sealing films and closures. It is therefore not permissible to calculate the recyclability based on individual components. SÜDPACK is solely the manufacturer of packaging films that are processed by our customers into final packaging. As a result, we do not always have access to the required information regarding the final packaging solution and its use. The calculation should therefore be performed by the manufacturer of the final packaging.

How can my packaging be labeled as recyclable?

How can my packaging be labeled as recyclable?

We recommend having an external institute assesing the recyclability of your complete packaging. The information about our films that is required for assessing your packaging can be found in our product specifications. We would of course be happy to provide our support.

What is single-material or mono-material packaging?

What is single-material or mono-material packaging?

In the production of composite or multilayer films, the individual films are first extruded, then printed as needed and, depending on the application, laminated to form a composite. Mono-material films are films in which the majority of the material components can be assigned to one polymer family and its respective material stream for recycling.

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