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Doypack PurePP und PurePE: innovative design with added value

Two Doypack packaging (PurePP and PurePE)

Recycling-friendly design

Doypack PurePP and Doypack PurePE are designed as a mono-material solution and convincing at the point of sale. Due to their structure as a mono-material solution, the PP- or PE-based Pure-Line films offer you the possibility of declaring a high recyclability. You can certify this by external institutes if required.

Close up of packaging, PE and PP symbol visible
Material efficiency

Maximum performance with minimum packaging weight

Doypack PurePP and PurePE stand out due to their high level of material efficiency. As a result, they offer maximum performance with minimum material input and make significant savings in resources compared to other packaging concepts. Thus, offering economic advantages in terms of eco-balance.

Sustainable film solutions material reduction

Optimal process and packaging reliability

The recyclable pouches can easily be processed on your common FFS machines without any loss of speed or quality thanks to their broad sealing range and are distinguished by their optimal process and packaging reliability

Packaging machine with film
Product protection

Maximum product safety provided by optimal barrier protection

Depending on the product requirements you can flexibly equip the high-performance films with different barrier properties for maximum product protection and extended shelf life.

Doypack PurePP and PurePE ensure maximum product safety from aroma to oxygen barrier via protection against moisture or UV radiation.

Flow pack packaging with minced meat

Highly convenient thanks to zipper systems

With different features such as zipper systems, recyclable Doypacks can be produced that stand out due to their exceptional level of convenience. As a result, your packaged product has a longer shelf life. The structure for doypacks is already available with matching PE- or PP-based zipper systems that can be easily and reliably integrated into the bags. 

Seam pickup doypack, zipper closure

Areas of application

Recyclable packaging design for grated cheese

Thanks to its flexibly equipable barrier properties, our Doypack PurePE film solution for grated cheese applications adapts perfectly to the requirements of grated cheese and provides optimum protection for the packaged products. Equipped with good sealing seam strength, Doypack PurePE can be processed quickly and easily, resulting in high process and packaging reliability. Above all, the sealability is convincing in the packaging process. The sealing layer of the film also ensures simple and efficient inline assembly of the zippers.

  • optimum processability on FFS machines
  • good sealing seam strength
  • reliable and easy integration of zipper systems
Grated cheese
Recyclable packaging design for dried sausages

Our innovative Doypack PurePP film solution for dried sausage products is holistically sustainable: Our recyclable mono-material solution with high material efficiency and sustainable printing technology leads to a holistic improvement of the eco-balance. The substitution of the aluminum barrier results in a reduction of the carbon footprint and a optimized recyclability of more than 90 %. In addition to a weight saving of 26 %, further economic advantages can be realized in terms of logistics and output compared to conventional packaging.

  • excellent oxygen, water vapor and UV barrier for long product shelf life
  • clear view of the product thanks to viewing window
  • process-safe and easy integration of zipper systems
Doypack packaging with salami (sticks)

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Product sheet Doypack PurePP

For further information on Doypack PurePP, please download our product information sheet.

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Product sheet Doypack PurePE

For further information on Doypack PurePE, please download our product information sheet.

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