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Holistic packaging concept for the in-house production of spouted pouches

Spouted pouch packaging front and back with apple motif.

Maximum efficiency and sustainability

Together with SN Maschinenbau we are breaking new ground with our sustainable, efficient concept. Now food producers and fillers can package their liquid or pasty products such as fruit purées much more efficiently and economically. What’s more, this packaging solution also sets a new benchmark in recyclability.

The overall concept relies on powerful packaging technology and high-performance, recyclable packaging components made of polypropylene. Our films are perfectly tailored to the packaging machine and therefore offer maximum process and packaging reliability. Users benefit from several advantages during the packaging process without having to compromise on quality and performance: easy handling and high efficiency as well as maximum flexibility in terms of pack sizes and product changeovers.

Above all, thanks to the use of recyclable monomaterials, the concept offers extra sustainability. This makes it a future-proof alternative, especially in view of legal requirements and framework conditions.

Optimum economic profitability and increased sustainability

Easier handling: Our innovative overall concept is an attractive alternative to pre-made pouches, which often entail high logistical costs for processing and filling.

The film is matched perfectly to the spouts and the processing machine and ensures excellent process and packaging results, with significantly improved reliability and efficiency.

Compared to pre-made pouches, which are typically delivered on rails in cardboard boxes, in-house pouch production entails significantly less effort, resulting in lower costs for handling, transportation, and storage. Furthermore, it only takes up about one third of the space.

SÜDPACK film roll storage with fork-lift truck.
Maximum flexibility and shorter time-to-market

Another clear advantage of the packaging solution is its high flexibility. With only a few adjustments, SN pouch-making machines can be easily adapted for the production of pouches of various sizes and shapes, as well as for the processing of different materials.

This means that processors can swiftly adapt to changes in demand, execute product transitions rapidly, and shorten their overall lead times and time-to-market. Furthermore, thanks to the use of standard roll materials combined with in-house pouch production, this innovative solution also enhances resilience in case of disruptions in the supply chain.

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Excellent pouch quality and high packaging reliability

Perfect synergy with real added value: our sustainable, high-performance polypropylene-based films are perfectly matched to the SN pouch making machine. They enable reliable pouch production with integrated spouts – even at high throughput rates.

The pouches guarantee the same high product quality and product safety as pre-made pouches. The perfect coordination of film, spouts, and proven sealing technology ensures strong tightness of the stand-up pouches.

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PurePP films for spouted pouches

Our recyclable films are perfectly matched to the pouch packaging machines to ensure reliable, efficient processing into spouted pouches. This guarantees top product quality and packaging reliability.

High recyclability

The PP-based Pure-Line films are classified as 96%* recyclable due to their mono-structure. In combination with PP-based spouts, they can be used to produce recyclable stand-up pouches that meet the same technical requirements as stand-up pouches made from conventional and non-recyclable materials.
*certified recyclability according to cyclos-HTP

Excellent sealing performance

Our films stand out for a wide processing window. This enables safe, efficient processing during the packaging and filling process and makes sealing in the spouts easy. The excellent sealing performance ensures outstanding package quality, especially in terms of maximum tightness and burst-pressure resistance of the pouches.

Product-specific barrier

The barrier against water vapor, oxygen, and UV light can be designed specifically to meet the requirements of the packaged product. This ensures optimal product protection and shelf life.

Heat resistance and shape stability

Due to their heat resistance, PurePP films are also suitable for the manufacture of pouches for hotfilling and pasteurization. The high dimensional stability of our films, also under fluctuating conditions, helps ensure reliable processing and packaging.

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Smart machine technology with added value

For the production of stand-up pouches with sealed-in spouts from the reel, the SPM 50 horizontal pouching machine from SN Maschinenbau is the perfect choice. The finished pouches can be automatically inserted into commercially available rail systems and stored on a transport cart. During the ongoing process, the rails can be easily and ergonomically inserted into pouch-filling machines to allow filling of the empty spouted pouches. This is a real advantage in terms of efficiency and throughput because it eliminates the time-consuming process of separating the rails, which is necessary with pre-made pouches. There is also no deposit system for rails and end caps. The packaging concept also offers guaranteed pouch quality, flexibility, value creation within the company and a reduction in storage space. Overall, the robust SPM 50 can achieve a throughput of up to 4,200 pouches per hour and over 30,000 spouted pouches from just one film reel per eight-hour shift. This results in an annual production volume of seven million spouted pouches in one-shift operation and up to 21 million in three-shift operation. 

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SPM 50 Bag making machine from SN Maschinenbau GmbH.